63% of CEOs will change business models in the next 3 years.  In a world where Speed is everything driven by digital disruption, adaptation is not an option.

The world of meetings is a pillar unto itself within “digital transformation”, a blend of communications, collaboration and real-time anywhere workgroup structure.  As we continue to leverage cloud infrastructure in search of the the right “Unified Communication” strategy, the Audio-Visual component that was once an island of excellence is converging itself to become a unique subset into the world of information technology.  Unfortunately, AV solutions are still rooted in “stacked” technologies and with 62% of organizations using 3+ video conferencing solutions (Forbes Insights), the problem of fragmented, difficult to use communications remain.  Most companies are using at least 3 video conferencing solutions – plus other solutions for chat, webinars, and audio-conferencing.

The mandate to evolve to a more simple, easy way of communicating is greater than ever, the question to be answered: where is your organization in the communication evolution lifecycle?

Join us June 28th as we bring together subject matter experts to discuss the complexities of organization change with respect to communication and collaboration.

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The Union League of Philadelphia
The Meade Room
140 S. Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Thursday, June 28
7:30am – 10:00am

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